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    No "Scale fullscreen" option on 1920x1080





      I have a Lenovo Y580 running Windows 8, with an Intel HD 4000. I got this laptop to play games, and for the most part, it's been great; until I plugged it into a TV via HDMI and changed the resolution. Since then, it hasn't been scaling any games correctly.



      If I have my desktop resolution on 1920x1080, if I play a game at a lower resolution, it won't scale it. The scaling option is stuck at "Maintain Display Scaling." There are no other options. But, if I change the desktop resolution to any other resolution, I get "Maintain Aspect Ratio" (which isn't what I want), "Scale Fullscreen" (which is exactly what I want), and "Center Image" (which is what "Maintain Display Scaling" on 1920x1080 seems to be doing with my games. It has the same effect.)



      I never looked at my video options much before (so, I don't know what the options were before), and I only changed the resolution when it was plugged into the TV so it would be 1920x1080 instead of 1280x800. Since then, it's been like what I just described. Is there any way I can fix this? Anything to change it back? CTRL+ALT+F11 doesn't work (it does for lower resolutions, but there are no other options to change to in 1920x1080.), and I haven't updated or rolled the drivers back.



      Thank you in advance for your time.