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    Core i5 family logical view




      I'm a newbie in this forum...


      I've a new laptop based on Core i5 - 2450M processor (Sandy Bridge) running Win 7....


      Now I've seen that PCI details (e.g. using !pci into Windbg) show the integrated DRAM controller in processor die (NorthBridge ?) as (from a SW configuration point of view) the PCI device Bus0, Device 0 Function 0


      So these newer architectures (e.g. Sandy Bridge) share the same logical view (PCI logical bus and so on...) of the older ones ? (based on processor + MCH chipsets)


      Thanks in advance

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          The answer to your question is Yes, since the functionality is the same, the only change is where it is now located (on processor itself), but the way it works and the way it is seen by the software is the same was as it used to be when the controller was located on the motherboard.