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    How do I suppress the Matrix Storage Manager boot messages?


      I am booting a Dell Inspiron 530 with a RAID 1 setup and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.  The system runs fine once it is up, but I would like to suppress all the text lines from the Matrix Storage Manager at boot time.  I am running Vista 32 SP1.

      I get the normal F2/F12 option, followed by about a half a page of lines about the RAID configuration and then the option of entering CTL-I to get into the Storage Manager before Vista comes up.  I believe I am at a version of the Storage Manager Console.  I have (2) 500GB SATA drives.  I can't find any reference to suppressing the messages anyplace.

      Can I use the Matrix Storage Manager downloads from this Intel site on a Dell Vista 32 machine?

      TIA, Dick