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    Intel Centrino Wireless N-1030 Bluetooth 4.0?

    Ruben Gomez Arteaga



      I have a customer (OEM in Venezuela) who's integrating a platform with the Centrino N1030 card, and they need to certify it with Windows 8 Logo, but they have received a notice from Microsoft stating that this card DOES NOT support Bluetooth 4.0 and therefore it cannot be certifed and won't obtain the WHCK certification status.


      I found in the following link that this card supports Bluetooth from version 2.2 and later versions.




      Can someone guide me where to find definite information on whether this card DOES or DOES NOT support Bluetooth 4.0?, and if possible, are there any restrictions for WHCK certification using this card?


      Any information is greatly appreciated.




      Ruben Gomez.