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    System wake up




      as concerns the NUC 3217IYE, the BIOS offers "Wake from S5" feature.


      Is it possible to specify a range of weekdays (e.g. from Monday to Friday) on which the system should wake up?

      If not, will there be a BIOS release in the near future that supports this functionality?

      Is it possible to specify such a range via a software tool that provides more capabilities than BIOS?


      In case of using this device in combination with Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 Mini PCIe WLAN adapter:


      Is it possible to make Wake on WLAN with this device?

      Does it support wake up from S3?

      Does it support wake up from S4?

      Does it support wake up from S5?

      If this all is not possible: Would wake on WLAN be supportet using another WLAN adapter? If yes, which model?


      Thanks and best regards,


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          Hello Christian,


          The BIOS on the NUC does not allow you to select a range of days, unfortunately.... it's either every single day or one day per month.  There are not any plans to change this. I did a quick web search for "software to wake up a computer" and found several sites that describe how you might do this.


          The Centrino devices do not support Wake on WLAN.



          Lois H.


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