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    How to enable Wake on RDP for DH67GD running Windows 7 Pro x64?

    R B

      There are a few posts, like this and this, which indicate that Windows 7 supports "Wake on RDP".  Judging from these superficial descriptions, there's nothing to it!

      Unfortunately, I can't get it to work.  My NIC settings in Device Manager look nothing like those show in the 2nd post referenced above.  Instead there are 4 WOL options listed on a new "Power Options" tab, all of which are enabled (see screenshot below).  What else do I need to configure for this to work?


      The computer in question is based on the Intel DH67GD with 82579V NIC on board, which has a hard-wired (Cat 5) network connection.  WOL is enabled in BIOS.  I am using RDP strictly within a LAN moderated by a Cisco/LinkSys WAG354G (EU).