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    DP45SG USB Power Problems


      Hi everyone,


      I just bought a DP45SG motherboard (and the other parts) for a new computer I'm building.  I put everything together as it should be and the computer tries to boot properly.  It doesn't boot yet because I haven't formatted the HDD or installed the OS.  However, that's where the problems start.  The board has no PS/2 ports so I have to use USB keyboard and mouse instead.  But it doesn't give the USB ports power.  Actually it gives them power for just a moment after I plug them in, but very quickly (less than a second later) they lose power again.  Obviously that makes it rather difficult to use the keyboard & mouse when installing an OS...   So, now the question is what I need to do to get it to give the USB ports power for more than a fraction of a second so I can install my OS and get the computer truly running.  Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance for the help!


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          Hello Roomon,


          Thank you for your post, and the information you've provided.


          When you turn on the system, are you getting a post screen, or black screen.  If you are getting a black screen, you may need to troubleshoot using our Online No Boot Wizard.


          If you are seeing a post screen, are you able to hit F2 in order to get into BIOS?


          If not, try plugging the keyboard into another USB connector.  Make sure you have disconnected all unnecessary USB devices as well.


          If you are unable to get to the BIOS using F2, try using the BIOS setup jumper to force the system to reset factory defaults and get you into the BIOS screen.  Make sure "Legacy USB" is enabled.


          Please try these troubleshooting steps and let us know how your build goes.


          Casey H.
          Intel Customer Support
          * Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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            Hi Casey,


            Thanks for your reply!  I actually got the problem resolved just before you posted:  I returned the board as having defective USB ports since that's the closest thing I could find to my problem.  In answer to your questions:


            I was getting a post screen, but I was not able to hit F2 to get to the BIOS.  I tried putting the keyboard into several different USB ports with no results from any of them.  I was able to reset the BIOS correctly, but it still did not give power to the USB ports long enough for me to get into the BIOS.


            Now that I got a new board it works fine.  It's really a moot point now, but what could be wrong with it?


            Thanks for all your help!



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              i hvae almost the same kind of problem...

              I just bought a PC with spec:

              -Mobo Intel DP45SG

              -Proc Intel Core 2 Quad E8200

              -Graphic GeForce 9800 GT,1 gb ddr3

              -Memory CORSAIR TW3X4G-1600C9DHX (4 Gb, 2x 2Gb)

              -PSU Enlght 450w

              After i installed OS (XP),  rebooting n logon to the OS, my keyboard and mouse (via USB) doesnt response,its seems that theres no power in the USB,cause theres no light at the mouse. If i try my keyboard n mouse on other computer it work just fine.First i thought that my PC is not responding (error), than i tried insert CD at the optic drives and its working, also the time/clock at the right bottom of taskbar still running. Is there any solutions for this error?? Thanx




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                I am having usb power problems also built a pc with this board 5 months ago its been great untll last week when my mouse & keyboard stoped working there is only a brief second of power to the usb ports when the pc first boots or when I first plug in a usb device then nothing so i cant do anything I tried reseting the bios but that did not work I am stuck I cant do anything because there are no ps2 ports.

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                  Hi Dave,


                  Knowing what little I do of most of the GeForce cards it seems like that power supply might be a little low power for it (don't most of them want a 500w supply?), but that either way, that's a different thing.  It also sounds like yours may be a different problem from mine.  I say that because you were able to use it when installing the OS but not afterwards, whereas I wasn't able to use at all after a momentary flash of power at startup.  If you can still use the keyboard for BIOS operation and whatnot it may be a different problem and could probably be fixed by repairing your windows install using the install disc.  If you can't use them for pre-boot operations it could be the same thing.  If that's the case then I'm not sure what you'll do.  As you may have noticed, I was able to return mine and so didn't need a solution (which I would assume is why I haven't heard any more about this problem 'till now).  I'm still hoping that someone from Intel will come on and give us a clue, but we'll have to see.

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                    Hi intec1,


                    That sounds a lot like the problem I was having.  Except of course that mine did that out of the box where yours was 5 months in.  I'd love to just give you a solution and have it work, but I was able to return mine and thus go around the solution.  I'm still hoping we'll hear from one of the Intel guys about what the problem is and how to fix it.  'Cause if you've been working with yours for 5 months it's probably not just a problem in a manufacturing batch or anything.  However, I suppose we'll have to wait and see if they tell us, right?  Best of luck fixing it!



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                      Hi Roomon1 & Intec1

                      i have got this board 2 weeks back and suddenly as u guys explained here tht suddenly the USB ports wont work this is the same thing happend to me none of my USB port wont work no Power nothing the system boots fine even it gose to the login screen of win xp but there is no keyboard or mouse to work no power in usb ports so i have written the board in warranty thts the best solution i have got when i cant figure out any thing and thts really really very annoying i hope so Intel would do take a keen interest to resolve this issue wondering wht happend to it suddenly i hope there would be any good answer to fix this issue in near future lets hope for the best i guess

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                        Hi Aln

                        as u have mention in your computer specs this memory


                        Memory CORSAIR TW3X4G-1600C9DHX (4 Gb, 2x 2Gb)


                        seems to be the problem cos DP45SG as mention on the intel website can only support 1333/1066/800 mhz ddr3 ram, not the one you have mention here so you have to change the memory and got the new ones with 1333 mhz, i hope tht helps

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                          Interesting idea.  Especially because I too am using 4 gb (2x2gb dimms) that is rated at 1600mhz.  However, as I understand it all memory can be (and is automatically, where necessary) scaled back to lower frequencies (i.e. 1600mhz memory scaled down to the 1333mhz that the board supports).  I'm not finding an article that supports this, but everyone I've talked to says that and I remember seeing at least a couple reliable articles around and about that say roughly the same thing.  This would lead me to believe that using this memory should not cause any problems.



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                            hi Roomon1

                            buddy i am also using the corsair memory with 1333 bus but my board on default read it as 1066 bus with 1.5v, so i have to change the memory to the desired level i.e. 1333 bus with 1.6volt, on some of the gaming forums and hardware i came across to know that this board cant handle higher voltage very well, the default voltage for the memory is 1.5v so as i update the BIOS i havent got any problem to run the computer but its badluck tht suddenly all of the USB power gone out from every port as u have mention as well so right now i have send my board in warranty and waiting for the new board and wondering as well either this issue will be resolved with new BIOS or not, tht the board would be stable with 1.6volts or not let see wht intel has to say abt it lets hope for the best i guess

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                              I have he same USB port issue.  I have about 6 of the 12 ports connected with peripherals.  My webcam and printer never turns up wile booting unless I reconnect the peripherals and the systems then recognizes it.  I'm working on Win XP Pro 64 bit, Q9400, Cosair DDR3 4 Gb.  Other than that everything works fine.  It doesn't sound like a power issue so I'm asking if someone has a suggestion.  Thanks

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                                on my desktop suddenly my usb keyboard and usb mouse stop working then i unpluged usb and then repluged it works, i am facing this problem 4-5 times a day i am tired to replug usb every times

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                                  Hi, also have this problem. I have new DP45SG, i have updated BIOS to latest version but no luck.

                                  But it happens randomly, and only with keyboard. Mouse and USB cam works fine. When i power the system on, sometimes keyboard is working and sometimes not. And when it's not, the only way to make it work is reboot the system or unplug and plug keyboard again while the OS is already running.

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                                    Greetings Khalid, Komodo, and Fiacono.


                                    This reply may help you to have a partial resolution to the problem of your mouse & keyboard dropping out of USB power. I have the same problem - DP45SG Memory Conflict - and tracked it down to memory.


                                    I am using vendor approved list Kingston 1BG 1333MHz 1.5V 9-9-9-9-24 memory.  I originally had (4) 1GB sticks.  My mouse and keyboard would lock for no known reason.  I thought that this was a PSU concern so I moved up from a PC Power & Cooling 610 AATX to a PC Power & Cooling 750 ATX.  This was great from my nVidia GTS 250 video card but whenever I used (4) sticks of 1GB RAM, I lost control of my mouse and keyboard.


                                    To make certain this was a memory problem, I started with (1) 1GB stick and tested all 4 sticks.  Then I went to 2, then 3 with testing of all four sticks.  Everything ran stable.  The moment I put in a fourth stick of RAM I was able to duplicate the USB/memory conflict within 5-minutes of boot.  This is not a problem with my memory - all four sticks worked in combinations of 1 to 3.


                                    I have seen other comments about systems with (4) 1GB sticks and USB power problems.  Your three posts are the first I've read duplicating my problem.  This has to be an Intel thing. I have posted to this board hoping for an answer from Intel Support.  It's only been one day so I'll wait for a few more before I pester for support.



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