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    Problem Enabling Hardware Accelerated Playback for N2000/D2000 Series


      Get to step 10g of http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/enabling_hardware_accelerated_playback_ubuntu_12.pdf


      The problem is  “Intel CDV (load along with IMG driver)” is not in the list of staging drivers.


      Has anyone had any luck installing this. I've had trouble running this board on XP (I couldn't run XBMC, it wouldn't go past the splash screen). Win 8 installs but is not fully supported so my last resort is linux (I don't want to buy win7).



      MB; DN2800MT

      250G HDD

      2G Ram

      OS: MythBuntu 12.04.


      I've noticed the example is on Ubuntu not Mythbuntu, does anyone know if this makes any difference? I might try Ubuntu to see it makes any difference.