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    8GB single Module not working in DH67BL


      My system specifications are as follows:



      Processor- I7 2600K @3.4 Ghz (SandyBridge)

      MoBo- Intel DH67BL

      Ram- 4GBCorsair XMS 1600Mhz

      PSU- Cosrair 500W PSU

      Graphics- Nvidia 9400GT.

      OS- Windows 7 64 Bit



      This configuration I was having earlier and It was working fine.



      A few days back, I got some money and I wished to increase the RAM.

      So I bought a single Module 8GB transcend 1333Mhz Ram. I removed the old 4GB corsair Ram and Installed 8GB single Module RAM. But when I started the system, nothing happened. Even the boot screen is not showing up. Just the monitor power LED is blinking. No kind of beep sound as usually comes due to RAM problem.



      Also I updated the BIOS to the most recent version, by using the old corsair 4GB RAM. But Nothing seems to change, when installing transcend 8GB single module RAM.



      But the Transcend RAM ,when I bought is a brand new one and it is sealed.



      Need help on this.