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    Intel Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K & Windows 8 PRO 64bit problems...

    Stijn Vancoillie

      Hi folks,


      Yesterday i have built my new computer.

      Specs are : intel dz77ga-70k, core i7 3770, 16gb ram, ssd corsair, ...


      I have a problem with windows 8.

      It already started when installing windows 8, the computer said : windows will restart in 10 seconds,

      after this the computer hanged and did not reboot, i had to reboot myself.

      After i had finish the installation i install the latest bios for the board, its number 60. ( it was 21 before )

      With the new bios I still have problems with rebooting or shutting down windows 8.

      Sometimes it hangs, sometimes not.


      Can someone help me please...

      Bios is set to default and the only thing i have changed is the xmp-1600 profile for my memory, that works !

      UEFI boot is enabled and legacy boot is enabled too ( both were standard enabled )


      And sorry for my bad english, i'm from belgium


      I think this will be fixed in a new bios version soon, the compatibility with windows 8 isn't that great for the moment.

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