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    Intel 6300 Ultimate-N and Windows 8 Pro




      I have the two following issues after install Windows 8 Pro instead Window 7:

      - there is notebook with Intel 6300 Ultimate-N module and ASUS RT-N66U router. When I sit sideways to the router, I have a connection, ping through without delay. But when I turn to face the router with notebook, connection disappeared, ping shows time-out, but the Wi-Fi link showing connected;

      - Wi-Fi link shows 450 Mbit/s only few seconds after turning on Intel 6300 adapter. After few seconds link jumps to 300 Mbit/s.


      With Windows 7 had no such problems. Everything was OK. Can anyone help me, or give a good advice, please?


      I have 15.5.6 version driver and Intel PROSet/Wireless software installed. I tried install only driver without PROSet software, but nothing changed.