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    S3420GPLX board does not POST, diagnostic LEDs are flashing




      I have an S3420GPLX board that does not seem to complete POST and I need help deciphering the diagnostic LEDs. After a lot of activity, the lights settle on a pattern such that the MSB (LED #7)  is continuously lit and leds 6, 5, 4 and 1 are blinking. I have posted a video on Youtube, attached below. There is no video output at any stage.


      I have the board in a desktop ATX case; CPU, power supply and case fans all spin when the system is powered. I've only connected the power button header to the board (pins 11 and 13, IIRC) and the system powers up and down as expected.


      On the board I have an i3 530 CPU (SLBLR) and Intel certified Kingston ECC RAM (KVR1333D3E9S/2GI) on the board. I pulled the stick (either in the pair) from a different server, so it's known good -- at least in that context. I had the board since two years ago, but I never put it to use as I went with a prebuilt server instead (mainly because of size constaints) at the time so I can't tell if the board is defective or not. I've captured a vide and I'm hoping the LED sequence tells something as to what may be wrong.  Pulling the RAM does not lead to the three beeps that the user manual mentions, so it may be that the CPU is not working properly but the board seems to pass many stages in the boot process, or is that not what the changing sets of lit LEDs imply? I had to pick up my CPU second hand, but it seems to have been working previously.


      I have attached the video below. The board is oriented such that LED #7 is on the left and #0 is on the right (same as the illustrations in the user guide)


      Please excuse the long post, I haven't built any systems in a very, very long time and any help is appreciated.