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    DX79SI Hang at POST Code 58

    Stuart Rankin

      My DX79SI hangs with a POST code of 58.


      Problem Details:

      • I updated the BIOS a few weeks ago to the latest (I can't tell you the BIOS version because I can't boot my system). The system's been rebooted a few times since I updated the BIOS.
      • When I rebooted my system today, I first got stuck at POST 9B. After unplugging and plugging back in various USB mice, eventually the BIOS decided to get stuck on POST 58.
      • I tried using the Back to BIOS button but it had no apparent effect. So, I moved the BIOS jumper to "configuration" and rebooted.
      • Now, I get the BIOS splash screen (with the extra, redundant Intel logo) and the number "58" at the lower right. There is no other text on the screen. There the computer sits for several minutes. (Several minutes == >5 minutes). After that, I get a black screen with a flashing cursor in the upper-left corner. And it's still there after 10 minutes...


      Hardware Details:

      • 32GB XMP memory
      • Nvidia GeForce 670
      • Various USB peripherals
      • Three SATA drives


      My question is: How can I get my system working again? Is it time to ask for an RMA? Thank you.