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    Unclean Sticky DQ77KB


      I'm not very impressed with the condition that my new DQ77KB has arrived in as the back of the board is still covered in sticky Flux that hasn't been removed and both the back of the board and all the silver parts are covered in sticky finger prints.


      All the original seals was intact so it's left the factory like it.


      Anybody else get their DQ77KB like this?

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          I received my DQ77KB too, but it was not that dirty. No on-board speaker though, can't hear any beep tone during boot.

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            My DZ77BH-55K also had some sticky stuff on the back, I'm not to worried because I haven't had any issues with the board. My board was sealed and brand new also, not a refurb\used.

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              i've not plugged mine in yet but i would assume these tiny board would still have bleep indicator.




              Lets hope they are not dropping the ball on quality control as even cheap budget boards are de-fluxed to remove the chance of solder


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                My new intel motherboard has no flux residue. But whatever solvent they (Foxconn?) used to clean the board is totally staying around. I noticed it right away when I opened the sealed box, the board STINKS of a very strong chemical smell. And now weeks later when I power on the computer, the room is filled with this awful chemical smell. Now I'm wondering if I'll get cancer or something bad from breathing those chemical fumes. No other motherboard has this terrible smell. Anybody else notice their new Intel board stinks?

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                  Pretty shocked that a Intel representative like Dan hasn't posted if this is normal for a customer to receive........