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    Intel DN2800MT Windows XP compatibility


      Hi all,


      Has anyone had experience of using the Intel DN2800MT motherboard with Windows XP Professional?


      I have done a fair bit of searching around and have seen references to it not working with XP and an equal number saying the opposite. Intel offer 32-bit drivers for XP so I presume it works, however, I would be interested in hearing about people's practical experience of using the board with this operating system.


      I am only planning on using the board for my Squeezecenter so I think it will be fine - graphics performance isn't important but I will still need to be able to see something on the screen when updating etc. The reason I am going for this board is the passive cooling and the build in DC power socket. I currently use XP Professional for the OS, which works perfectly, and as such I don't want to change that aspect of the system.


      Many thanks



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          Hello Russ,

          I can confirm that Windows* XP is compatible and works on the Intel(R) Desktop Board DN2800MT.

          The only problem that you will find is that the audio will not work from the HDMI.


          Please check the list of compatible operating systems





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            Many thanks for that Victor_Intel, that's given me a bit of confidence to go ahead and try one.  It's only going to be used for a music server so the HDMI audio issue is not a problem for me.  It's the onboard PSU and passive cooling that is most attractive to me as it saves having to modify my chosen case or buy a picopsu.





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              I've managed to run 1920x1080 on Windows XP Prof but am unable to run fullscreen 720p videos, the screen/VLC app stucks when I resize the window even a little bit. Is this driver fully accelerated? Is anyone able to playback fullhd videos fullscreen?


              Windows 7 does it very well on this configuration, but I switched to Windows XP because on Windows 7 the screen was oversized (no way to fit it 100% to the TV screen over the HDMI)


              After hundreds of hours spent on the internet looking for Linux support, then installing Win7 and WinXP I must say this is the worst mobo I've ever had and if you're considering to buy one - don't!

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                I don't think vlc.exe is fully debugged for Windows XP, and that is your problem. I can get mplayer.exe, the ported Linux mplayer, to run full screen without sticking, but I have to turn off the sound, or it gets stuck in some kind of loop. Anyway, Windows XP was really not designed for 1920x1024 monitors. Using the 1366x768 resolution is much more Windows XP friendly.


                And, you don't even mention that the Intel downloads web site has the wrong f6floppy file listed for the cedarview and other nm10 boards. The readme even says it wasn't intended for an atom board. And, if you try to set the bios for SATA enabled and AHCI, the installer accepts the floppy, followed by the usual blue screen of death problem.


                Still, ya gotta love Windows XP, with all those cute blue-border window edges, and it still runs like a bunny in SATA enabled and IDE mode. Too bad someone at Intel slipped and put the wrong f6floppy file and then disabled the comment card and made the web page unreadable from Internet Explorer 8.


                So, tell me, are you running in SATA plus IDE mode on your board? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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                  One more thing, sturdly stoker buddy, your information and your hundreds of hours looking for a working Linux are totally obsolete. Windows 8 with the Intel Windows 7 graphics driver works beautifully, with full graphics acceleration of the gma3600 variety. And, as an Intel functionary stated awhile back on his Intel blogosphere, using the fbdev graphics driver and a recent Slackware or Meego kernel works just fine on the cedarview series. You really should keep up.


                  In fact, I have been using my own dn2800mt with a 24-watt power brick. That's 24 watts, in case you didn't hear it the first Time, owing to the wax in your ears or whatever. And, I blush to say the tiny case I have the board corseted in.

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                    Man, I have not understood your message at all, I didn't read your intentions neither. Also I don't understand why vlc.exe on Windows XP running on different machine works ok, while on DN2800MT don't. This must be the driver issue. The screen oversize I experienced on Windows 7, not Windows XP.

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                      is there anyway to solve this issue..in the specs it clearly says that audio is thru hdmi out..and even the hd audio drivers are not getting installed..is the board spoilt..   can u plz suggest a solution

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                        HDMI audio only works when using Microsoft* Windows* 7. While using Microsoft* Windows* XP the system is limited to have only video drivers and audio would work through the regular audio jacks managed by Realtek ALC888S codec.

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                          The XP driver for this board is so badly produced that in fact the generic driver included with Windows XP runs as well if not better, for further information on this problem and Intel support staff contradicting themselves see here: Re: gma 3600 xp 2d3d?

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                            You are referring to a thread about generic drivers for Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 on Microsoft* Windows* XP for Original Equipment Manufacturer computers. Generic drivers for such video controllers are just provided for Microsoft* Windows* 7 x32.


                            This thread is about using IEGD (Intel® Embedded Graphics Drivers for Intel® Architecture) in a retail boxed Intel(R) Desktop Board DN2800MT while using Microsoft* Windows* XP.

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                              So what you are saying is Intel is perfectly capable of providing XP drivers for it's own boards, but is completely incapable from providing drivers for anyone else who uses their chipsets, super, loving that...