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    Does my CPU limits the speed of RAM?


      I have Core i5 750 and I read that the memory only supports 1066/1333 Mhz. But my Mainboard (MSI h55-GD 65) supports up to 2300 Mhz (Oc'ed).


      I am planning to buy a 1600 Mhz RAM (gaming ram) because it is the RAM that is causing the bottleneck on the system. My processor is enough for gaming so I don't plan to upgrade unless it has been misused/damaged/ etc.


      I want straight to the point. Can I use 1600 RAM? And does it limit the system or not? thank you.


      I read some threads similar to this but it makes complicated for me so I made with a thread that needs a simple, straight to the point answers. Thank you.