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    DH77EB boot problem

    Ken Squires

      I have just did a major upgrade to my pc,,i installed a DH77EB motherboard, an i3770K processor, 2x8GB DDR3 1600 ram, and a ASUS HD 7770 video card. My problem is when i power up my system i am getting 3 one second beeps. then a short pause, then three more one second beeps. This goes on, and on until i power down my system. Here is what i have done to troubleshoot this issue. I have tried booting with one stick of ram, no ram, with my new video card, with the onboard video.Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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          What revision BIOS is in your DH77EB?  I recently discovered that my DH77EB with latest 0097 BIOS would do the triple beep thing with a Core i7-3770K (3rd gen Core) CPU, but would be normal with a Core i7-2700K (2nd gen Core) CPU.  This suggests there is something seriously wrong with 0097 BIOS.


          I also discovered to my horror that flashing DH77EB BIOS from 0053 to 0097 with a Core i7-3770K CPU installed would result in a dead board.  After completing what appeared to be a successfuly BIOS update, the board would power up with no display, no beeps, and a small green LED on the board would flash endlessly.  Even the Intel BIOS recovery procedure with a USB key would not work.  This happened twice in a row with two identical DH77EB boards.


          I'm not sure if the BIOS of DH77EB can be flashed backwards in revision, but I would suggest running a BIOS revision somewhat older than 0097, especially if you plan on using a Core i7-3770K CPU with the board.

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            Ken Squires

            Thankyou for the reply scan. I do not know what revision the board is as i have not been able to boot since my installation, i have looked at the minimal paper work boxed with the mobo to see if there is a bios number but there is not. Any other ideas?

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              My DH77EB boards came with 0053 BIOS.  I suspect this BIOS is too old to have proper support for 3rd generation Core CPUs.  I wish I had realized this earlier, as I wasted a whole bunch of hours trying to rescue the two boards after they were flashed to death, with an i7-3770K CPU installed.  I reached a breakthrough only after switching back to an i7-2700K CPU.


              Perhaps you should re-install your original CPU, boot up the board, flash the BIOS to something newer than 0053 (but not necessarily the latest 0097), then move back to the i7-3770K CPU only after everything checks out with the updated BIOS.


              These DH77EB boards appear capable of exhibiting very different behavior with different generations of Core CPUs installed, which took me completely by surprise.

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                Ken Squires

                I thought of that, but my old cpu is a Q8400 which you know is run on a 775 socket. It baffles me why Intel would list the i7-3770k as a compatable cpu with the DH77EB board when clearly there are some real issues here, or at least inform the paying public of the potential issues involved. Again, thank you scan for reading and replying to my post. Maybe i will see if i can get a hold of 2nd gen cpu, and flash my bios.

                Oh forgot to mention that before i posted my issue i tried to flash my BIOS with the 097 revision, with a thumb drive, thankfully after reading your response i am happy to say that i can't even flash my BIOS at the moment, all I get are the three beeps of frustration over, and over again lol.

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                  Have you tried the Intel BIOS recovery procedure?  Copy the EB0097.BIO file to a FAT32 formatted USB key as the only file, insert it into one of the rear USB ports, remove the jumper block from J1 jumper header and power up the board.


                  Not sure if this will work for you.  The DH77EB board can get into a state where this recovery procedure does not work. 

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                    Ken Squires

                    Yes i have, but i get nothing but the three beeps.

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                      The only thing I can suggest, short of calling Intel for support, is to borrow a 2nd gen Core CPU to try.


                      Of the two DH77EB boards that I restored with extraordinary means, one is still unhappy with a Core i7-3770K CPU.  I get the same triple beeps as your board.  I have tried removing power supply and 3V coin battery from the board overnight, but this board only seems to like my i7-2700K CPU.  Your DH77EB may well be in the same condition.

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                        Ken Squires

                        Boy do i feel like a newbie, after all this work guess what the problem was? the wrong Ram. I guess i can partially blame the retail outlet for sending me the wrong ram, but i should have checked it more closely before i installed it. The ram i was sent was for a server, no chance at all it would boot up a desktop. Thanks again scan for helping me out. I am glad to say my system is up and running.