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    DX58SO Audio and Network Problems


      I recently upgraded my motherboard, processor, and RAM, but I'm having problems getting any audio or getting it connected to my network. I upgraded to the latest BIOS and drivers, and yet nothing works.


      Every time I run the network driver setup I get a message saying that there was a problem during installation. When I look at my network connections in XP Pro it says that there is a 1394 connection that is connected (even when nothings plugged in) but nothing else. I try setting up a new LAN connection and it says that it's already set up, but nothing's there. I'm thinking of just getting a 10/1000 network card if I can't get the onboard network connector to work.


      As for audio, the Realtek driver installs fine, but I don't get any audio from the rear ports, and when I plug in my headset to the HD audio ports on the front of my computer the entire thing shuts down (If I plug it in when the computer is off the lights on my computer turn on, but that's it. When I push the power button nothing works). I had this same HD audio problem on my old DG965RY board as well, but the rear audio ports worked fine.

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          When you swapped out your board, processor and memory, did you reinstall the OS, or did you simply boot up using your old drive and pre-installed OS?  If you did simply use the hard drive from the old system, it would be helpful to know what your old hardware was as well.  If the change was significant, you should try reinstalling the OS over the top which may help it recognize the new hardware.


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            I have 2 hard drvies both running XP pro SP3. One of them I left alone after I installed the board and the other I completely reformatted and reinstalled XP pro SP2 on. With the network card I installed, both OSs will connect to the network through the new card, but not through the onboard ethernet port.I have tried installing the LAN and Realtek audio drivers multiple times, but according to the Device manager the network connection can't start (code 10). I'm not sure if it's a problem with the drivers, or a hardware issue, but I'm getting the same results on both of my hard drives. I had previously contacted intel Tech Support after posting this, and I was told to ship it to them so they could check it out.


            My old hardware was a DG965RY motherboard, with 3 gigs of DDR2 ram and a E6700 Core 2 duo processor.

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              I have the similar issue but this is a new system for Vista 64 bit.  There is no sound for HD audio.  All parts are new with fresh OS installed.  I update the lastest BIOS but still no sound.  I believe the board sound card is bad.  How can I get a replacement under new guarantee?  I hope Intel suport can assist and help me get a new mainboard.  Thank you.



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                Okay, so I finally got word back from Intel after sending my motherboard in to be inspected, and they're saying that they can't send me a new one due to "Customer Induced Damage". I e-mailed them back asking for a report on what was wrong with my board (since they didn't give one in the e-mail) and am waiting for a reply, Hopefully they will at least send the board back to me so that I can return it to Newegg for a new one (maybe).