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    intel ssd trim files?



      Recently I discover some strange files on my new Intel SSDSC2CW120A310 Intel SSD 520 Series, 120Gb,( 2.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 25nm, MLC, 9.5mm, OEM Pack) . This files are:




      ..... to


      The files above dissapear automatically after a while. In other days I just delete them and nothing wrong happened.

      Please can anyone tell me what are this files?

      Thank you in advance

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          Interesting, I've never seen those before. We're they hidden files in Windows? Do you recall what size they were?


          My guess is they are left over files from running the Intel SSD Optimizer, from the SSD Toolbox. Do you use the Toolbox? Do you run the Optimizer on a scheduled basis? They might be due to a failure of the Optimizer, or are just temporary files used by the Optimizer. What kind of mother board do you have?

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            They are not hidden files, and yes they appear after I run Intel SSD Toolbox. I don't know they're size.

            My motherboard is Gigabyte X58A-UD3R. I run Intel SSD Toolbox automaticaly once a week and it does not give me errors or something like that

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              Interesting, I've never noticed those files, I'll check for them.


              They might be related to the SandForce SSD controller used on the 520 SSD. The Optimizer takes longer on 520's than on other Intel SSDs with other controllers.


              Given what you've said, I don't see this as a problem, and should be nothing to worry about, IMO.

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                Update the SSD tool box software to the latest version. Worked for me. The files all disappeared and drive space was recovered.