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    Wifi Direct not working on 6235


      Hello, i got an Asus UX31A with "intel centrino advanced-n 6235" that has a wifi direct feature .


      I download all drivers , and My WiFi Dashboard .


      I can start the wifi direct but my phone doesnt connect to it .

      i try servel phone with wifi direct .

      The laptop and phone see each other but cannot connect .


      another problem is the Hot-Spot . my phone recognize the hotspot , connect but dont get ip

      What i do wrong ?


      Thanks !

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          Someone ? i asked in others forum and there is no topics on it there.


          Thanks ...

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            I have the same problem, same network adapter ...  I have a samsung dv300F camera with wifi direct ... I have downloaded intel my wifi widget thing and have given my computer a name, and I have turned on wifi direct ... It finds the camera OK, but can't connect.  And on the camera there is nothing ... nanda ... it does not list / see the computer's wifi direct.  The camera does a pretty good job of connecting to my asus router and using IP numbers etc to share, all on wireless n (using 40MHZ band), but it can't find the my wifi network, even though it (the camera) is advertising itself correctly ... HELP, I really want this to work ... I will probably talk to samsung too, since it was advertised as a product feature of the camera, but I am wondering if it is the intel impolementation not advertising the computer correctly ....