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    ASUS CG8480 for Autodesk 3ds Max and Zbrush


      Hi everybody,


      I am student at 3D modeling for video games, and I need a new computer to answer to this quest.

      We learn 3Ds max modeling and UVs, texturing with photoshop, and sculpting with ZBrush.

      So I find an interesting computer for gamers, (I never play on PC, always in PS3, so dont need it to play)

      I would love to have a suggestion about this computer if it's ok for 3ds max, and zbrush (we are going to make some advanced stuff, and make a complete game in our last session)

      It's an ASUS CG 8480

      Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3,5Ghz

      16Gb RAM DDR3

      3 TB; 128 GB (Solid State)
      Nvidia GTX660 3GD5

      Video Memory - 3 GB

      Processor cache   8Mb L3



      For more informations this is the link :



      I hope that you can suggest me if this is a good deal for my needs (3ds Max and Zbrush), cause I can't pay more than 2000$ and this one is 2019$ + taxes with a 27" screen (Yes I need a screen too, cause am on iMac, so not a good thing for 3D)


      Thank you guys, am waiting for your suggestions