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    DH77DF and AMT


      Does this board has AMT support? I want to use KVM feature for remote control. I know I also need a CPU with vPro + IGD. Now searching for a suitable board. In the BIOS update history there is some information about ME Firmware 8.x, but I can't find any BIOS screenshot in Internet to confirm this bzw. the ATM version and KVM support.

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          Unfortunately H77 Series Chipsets (DH77DF) do not support Intel AMT and Remote KVM.

          The only chipsets that support that are mainly Q77 Chipsets. Intel has the following 7 Series Motherboards that support remote KVM:

          DQ77MK (m-ATX)

          DQ77CP (m-ATX)

          DQ77KB (Thin-mini ITX).

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            Thanks for the information, it was really hard to find such details.

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              Glad that i can help.

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                Do you by chance know if Xeon E3-1220LV2 would do the KVM thing with this DQ77KB? I happen to find this in Internet, I don't understand Japanese, but from the screenshot, he can get remote screen with a 1220LV2 CPU, isn't that wierd?



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                  Xeon E3-1220LV2 as its prodocessor E3-1220L do support Intel AMT but not KVM Remote Control because they do not include a Graphics Engine. Only Xeon E3-1260L and now E3-1265L support Remote KVM but it is very difficult to match this processor with a Q Series Board. They were build for Entry Level/1st Server Scenarios and no manufacturer release a C206/C216 Mother Board with vPro capabilities (apart from some Industrial Specific boards). To support that statement i want to mention that I am using a Intel mini-ITX Server Board (S1200KP) with an Xeon E3-1260L but i don't have Remote KVM since the board does not come with Intel AMT included even if Intel says that the Chipset C206 (in my case)  or C216 support Intel AMT (as per specification).  

                  Intel Q77KB tested processors are the following according to Intel:

                  Intel® Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool - Search Results Page


                  The screen shows the Intel Manageability Commander Tool, basically a tool to support Remote IDE-Redirection and to my eyes it seams "fabricated" if you get my grip.

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                    It is very difficult to get the whole KVM feature since the board and the CPU must play along. In you case, the S1200KP doesn't have this AMT support, I think I have also read it somewhere before.


                    From the link there is no evidence to say that 1220LV2 is compatible with DQ77KB, but the same was to Z77, H77 chipset. I have seen many people running E3-1220LV2 with Z77 H77 boards from ASRock, ASUS etc, though they are not in Intel's compatibility list.


                    My idea was using E3-1220LV2 in headless mode, so more power will be saved since I run it as a mini Server.

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                      Before building my miniserver i had asked my self in the forums regarding Intel AMT on Intel Server Boards. The reply i got was there no any. One think i want to ask you anyway. Have you already purchased the motherboard and processor or you are at the point you are buliding your future configuration?

                      Because you could get for last's years configuration (DQ67EP+E3-1260L), in order to get Remote KVM on the server. The only thing you are going to miss with this is ECC Memory Support. 

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                        I haven't bought anything yet, still in planning. E3-1260L costs too much for me. I'd buy a E3-1265LV2 if I want to spend that much money for a CPU

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                          Fare enough. Good luck then with your future Intel AMT endevoirs.

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                            we shall see.