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    Intel GMA965 Half-Life 1 and Source engine FPS issues




      I've got the newest drivers, and I'm running Vista. Anyway, I'm trying to play the original Counter-strike off Steam. When I start playing, everything seems fine, but then I turn on the in game flash light, and the FPS drops down to under 14. Using Opengl mode.

      And if i try to start playing using D3D mode, fps dropping horribly in big area or if any color text appear (amxmodx texts).

      I think it is bug in actual drivers.


      Next problem I have is with Source engine.

      If any smoke appear in Half-life 2 game, fps dropping horribly and game become choppy.


      Can anybody help me?

      I think game counter-strike is very, very old and popular, I need it, because I own portal with counter-strike and need to be admin on it.


      PS: Sorry for my English