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    Desktop Board DZ77BH-55K - "enable if primary" + "auto" iGPU primary video detection doesn't work

    Adrian Anhorn

      I recently built a PC with a DZ77BH-55K Desktop Board, Windows and the drivers and BIOS from downloadcenter.intel.com installed and updated fine, except for the Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver. The board has a Core i5 3570k installed, which has Intel HD 4000. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit fully updated.


      I can currently run HDMI video through my installed graphics card, but HDMI from the onboard video produces nothing. And when I try to install the 64 bit Intel HD 4000 driver I get a failed installation with -


      "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software."


      This isn't a huge issue now, but it will be if I ever need to rely on the built in graphics. Does anyone know what I can do?


      ***EDIT - see below***

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          Adrian Anhorn

          Ok, I found out how to install the drivers by going into visual BIOS and selecting "always enable" for the iGPU.


          However, now I have a new problem, the only way to get video from the iGPU from boot is to select "always enable" in the BIOS.


          If I select "enable if primary" and leave primary video adapter as "auto", it never seems to be able to detect there is an HDMI cable plugged into the onboard video, even when I select HDMI as the primary iGPU video output port.


          Has anyone seen this behavior before?

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            Hi Adrian,


            If you have an add-on graphics card installed on your system, it will disable integrated graphics from your Intel® HD 4000.  You fixed part of the issue by turning on the "always on" setting in the BIOS, but by setting it to "auto", it will still take the card as priority.  If you designate the on-board graphics as the primary video adapter, instead of leaving it at auto - does your onboard HDMI work properly?