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    Problems with Dell Studio Hybrid with 965 Chipset and HDMI


      Hi There,


      I recently purchased a dell studio hybrid and wanted to connect it to my optoma hd81 projector.

      Unfortunately all I get is a red yellow and green screen version of my windows screen - ie it looks like it is in 4 colour mode.


      800x 600 resolution works fine but the HDMI sound does not work.


      I have tested the projector with a dell XPS M1330 using the HDMI connector and all seems fine - all resolutions tested ok


      I then connected my new Dell Studio Hybrid to a Samsung LCD screen and it worked fine.


      So it seems that it is a problem with the combination of the Dell Studio Hybrid and the optoma HD81 projector.


      Can anyone help me resolve this issue ?


      I have tried the latest drivers from Intel and Dell - no luck


      Thanks in advance