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    Mouse Pointer "Lag" in Dual-GPU setup with HD3000




      Ever since recent newer graphics driver releases, my mouse pointer starts to lag/stutter on my Desktop PC with a SNB 2600K (HD3000 GPU).


      I'm now running the 2761 driver (, and its fine. Any newer driver in the 28xx series exhibits the issue.


      My setup is as following:

      I have 3 screens, one (a 30" running 2560x1600) is connected to my NVIDIA GPU (GTX 680 running 310 series drivers), and the other two (24" each, 1920x1200) are connected to the Intel iGPU. The motherboard has a Z68 chipset (ASUS P8Z68-V PRO)


      With the 2761 driver, everything is smooth, no issues.

      With the newer 28xx driver release, moving the cursor will occasionally make it "hang" for a split second and then jump forward again, making accurate navigation sometimes rather tricky. It can be easily observed moving the cursor in circles over a white window. I feel like its happening even more often in Visual Studio when i'm developing, but it may just be more annoying there.


      On Windows 7, i can just stick to the 2761 driver, not a big problem for me.

      However, I've been planing to upgrade to Windows 8, and one test-install i did also showed the same issue, but all drivers with official Windows 8 compat seem to show the issue, so this is a blocking issue here.


      If you are interested in any more details, please let me know.

      I hope this can be resolved.


      - Hendrik

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