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    Trying to get more information and hardware compatibility...


      From what I can tell, here are the specifications of the two units:


      DC3217IYE unit of computing

      • desktop board: D33217GKE - can't find any more detail specifications of this board, not on ark.intel.com
      • color: black
      • "antenna for wifi, bluetooth" - no mention of bluetooth though, is it included on the board?
      • core i3-3217U


      DC3217BY unit of computing


      DCCP847DYE unit of computing

      • No information at all so far


      I can't find any compatible mSATA drives (or example drives to compare) or "we've tested with these SO-DIMMs" for RAM examples either.


      It would be nice for hardware compatibility's sake to know what to look for, other than taking shots in the dark.


      I've been Googling around, the devices are so new, I haven't found anyone with any working recipes, and Intel's site is really only a bunch of marketing material and basic technical specs. Anyone have any more information on this?


      Also another disappointing note, I noticed the desktop board has vPro support (sweet) but the CPU doesn't.