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    /shared directory not mounted on SCC cores

    Isuru Nawinne



      I'm new to SCC community. When trying to run some example apps from the RCCE library on SCC cores with Linux, I got the following error :


      isuru@marc040:/shared/isuru$ rccerun  -nue 1 -f rc.hosts hello

      pssh -h PSSH_HOST_FILE.11726 -t -1 -p 1 /shared/isuru/mpb.11726 < /dev/null

      [1] 20:50:49 [FAILURE] rck00 Exited with error code 127

      pssh -h PSSH_HOST_FILE.11726 -t -1 -P -p 1 /shared/isuru/hello 1 0.533 00 < /dev/null

      [1] 20:50:49 [FAILURE] rck00 Exited with error code 127


      I went through the rccerun script and found that the files (rc.hosts, mpb and hello) are properly located. Then I ssh'ed in to the SCC cores running Linux and saw that the /shared directory is not mounted on the cores. Can anyone please throw some light on how this could happen?