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    Intel GMA3600 Drivers - Good grief.

    Tyler Colli ns

      Are we ever going to get functional drivers for Windows 7? I mean drivers that were made properly and work. The gpu is a PowerVR SGX545, its not a terribly weak GPU, but the drivers are just abysmal. Surely I should b eable to run games with low-end graphics from 2002 - 2004 all set to low and at low resolution (such as half-life 2 at rock-bottum graphics, running DX8.0, minimal filtering and resolution), without it chugging along at less than 8 FPS. Also, the whole DX10.1 thing, and the card backscaling to DX9.0 maximum due to driver issues..come on. :c Please dont ditch us, intel. Please, PLEASE make an effort to give us something half-decent? I got a netbook for $250, which for a computer I realize is low, but I got it for the form-factor, not just price. A full-powered laptop will not be as portable or energy-saving as a netbook, so thats out of the question


      I am NOT <--- expecting high-quality performance by any means, all I mean is that I think netbook users shouldnt just get the shaft for paying less. Without you or the modding community helping us, we're kind of up the creek without a paddle.