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    D2700DC won't boot linux without display connected


      Hello. I recently purchased D2700DC motherboard which I want to use as base for small home server.
      I successfully installed Fedora 17, and everything worked fine until I disconnected display from DVI port and rebooted.

      While it boots I hear the beep, so, I think, it passes POST but not any further. I see no HDD activity after that point.
      If I connect display at that point, it will go to power saving mode, so I cannot see what is the problem.
      I thought that it can be GRUB2 problem, so I tried few things:

      1. Removed rhgb and quiet options and from kernel loading string.
      2. Added nomodeset option to kernel loading string.
      3. Added  GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT=console to /etc/default/grub and regenerated grub2.cfg

      But that did not help. It boots with display and doesn't without it.
      Could you please provide any solutions or suggestions?
      Thank you.n

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          Hello Alexander,


          I see that this motherboard does not support Linux* so I do recommend you to post your inquire in to the Linux* communities forums, someone there might be able to assist you better.

          I have seen this behavior on some motherboards where they will freeze during POST if no display is connected. You can confirm if this is the problem by installing a Microsoft* based operating system for testing. Remember to have the latest BIOS installed.



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            Thank you for your answer, Victor.


            I have updated BIOS using bootable USB stick with MS-DOS, it went fine.
            I don't own spare distribution of Windows, so I tried to perform boot without connected display from same USB stick. It didn't worked as well, so I can assume it is not fault of the loader, but fault of motherboard hardware or BIOS.


            Before next point, I have only used DVI display.
            I googled some more on the topic, and found out that someone was able to install linux on it while having display connected to HDMI port, and it continued to boot after display was disconnected.
            I tried to boot it with only HDMI display connected, but it won't boot at all, not showing anything to display. More weird, afterwards, I have connected it back to DVI, but now it will power-up display until linux start loading, so I cannot even enter BIOS anymore. Seems that it enters BIOS if I hold F2 during start-up, since OS will not load. But display never leaves power-saving mode.

            Do you have thoughts or suggestions?

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              I was able to restore displaying of BIOS by entering maintenance mode by changing jumper position. Still no luck with boot though.

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                It appeared that I was need to disable IGD as well as beep warning on video device not present in BIOS.

                If you will ever need to enable it back, you should switch on-board jumper to switch BIOS to the Maintenance Mode. Integrated Graphics Device will be used by default during Maintenance Mode.