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    DZ77GAL-70K Mounting question


      I'm putting togeather a DZ77GA-70K build with a Corsair Vengeance C70 case, and had a question on mounting.  My guide (http://downloadmirror.intel.com/20956/eng/dz77gal-70k_IntegrationGuide01.pdf) shows there should be 10 screws.  My case has 9 motherboard standoffs installed.  There appears to be a spot for the 10th, but no additional standoffs were supplied.


      I've also hit up Corsair to see if they could send an additional standoff screw, but they were a bit confused, and claimed all of them should be rivited in, not screws, and wanted a picture to know what I was talking about.  I sent them one, but hadn't heard back on that front yet.

      Looking over the ATX spec guide (http://www.formfactors.org/developer%5Cspecs%5Catx2_2.pdf, section 3.2) it indicates that my missing standoff (B on their diagram) is no longer used.  So, is this not required, or should I really try to get an additional standoff, from Corsair or anywhere else I could find one?  Thanks!

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          I have the same issue with my case, only came included with the 9 mounts.  Same one is missing, the board has the hole, but nothing on the case.  I installed my gfx cards and there doesn't appear to be any stress or bending on my board at all, even without that particular mount.


          Put it in the case, and see if there is any weight issues for that section, but you should be fine.

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            Sounds good.  I figured it wouldn't really be an issue,  but was just getting a bit OCD having ten holes in the case, ten holes on the board but nine screws.  You spend over $100 bucks on a board, you get a little agitated to see them skimp on a screw that costs pennies.  I even went down to the local PC shop, but unfortunately this one is a bit longer than the regular two short and long standoff sizes they had.