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    ...need Help ! Intel GMA945 Graphics driver


      ... hello,

      for my new project I need a special resolution. I have a QBox 1010 with N270 chipset and Intel GMA945 graphics card. This fanless computer I need to use as CAR PC. But the CAR interface requires a 50Hz PAL-Resolution of 768x576i / interlaced mode.
      The Car-PC runs with WinXP32bit.

      The video card driver does not support this mode. Even with PowerStrip I get this resolution / the interlaced signal is not set because the graphics card successfully defends.

      With my laptop and power strip and a VGA output on the CAR interface it works fine. So it is only to the GMA945 chipset who makes this problems.
      Can someone write a driver or give me advice?

      In this problem, I need urgent help, because the realization threatens to fail just on this one issue.

      Thanks for the help!