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    unknown beep code from s3420GPLX



      I just assembled a motherboard s3420GPLX with Intel XEON X3470 (2,93 GHz) and 2x 8GB RAM DDR3 - 1333 1.35v (Crucial CT8G3ERSLD41339.36FMD), placed in the blue slots. Video remains blank, and I hear 6 beeps after powering on.

      After pressing the power switch again to power off the computer, there are some beeps again (high and short): 1 - 5 - 4 - 2


      (The LED lights are changing during that. If it could help to tell, I need instruction how to read them.)


      I could not find any information about these beep codes, and so I wonder what might be wrong and how to correct it. Can anybody help me with this?



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          1-5-4-2 is a Power Fault.  See the article Intel� Server Board S3420GP — 1-5-4-2 Beep Sequence when changing Intel� VT Settings in the BIOS


          If that doesn't help, check your power supply and chassis against the Intel� Server Board S3420GP — Tested chassis list

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            I tested it again, and the 1-5-4-2 beep sequence when switching off has gone -don't know why.

            What still remains is the 6 beeps during power up and the black screen. Meanwhile I figured out that the LEDs are flashing in a repeating loop like this:


            a) Power On

            b) 0001 1101

            c) 0111 1101

            d) 1101 0111 & 6x beep

            e) GOTO b)


            What does that mean?

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              Since I now found the User's Guide, I guess I made a mistake when reading the diag LEDs. I watched them from the front side, but I since I read the User's Guide, am not sure if I had to read it from the rear side.


              Viewed from the front:

              LEDs            Hex     Desc.


              0001 1101     0x1D    n/a

              0111 1101      0x7D    n/a

              1101 0111      0xD7    Trying boot selection


              viewed from rear:

              LEDs             Hex        Desc.


              1011 1000      0xB8      resetting the removable media device

              1011 1110      0xBE      n/a

              1110 1011      0xEB      Memory Test Error: Memory failed Hardware BIST


              If it is correct to read it from the rear side, it would make sense, because memory Built-In Self Test fails. does that mean that the memory modules are defective, or maybe that they don't match, e.g. regarding timing -or is it not possible to make a reliable statement? For choosing the memory modules, I trusted in the PC Configurator at my dealer's web site (alternate.de).



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                I checked Server Configurator Tool , and although there are some Crucial DIMMs on there, I don't see any PC3-10600.

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                  Hi Dan,

                  thanks a lot. What I see there ist that all RDIMMs are 1.5v. The modules I got are labelled 1.35v. Maybe that makes the difference?


                  What could convince me was a table of the beep codes (and their descriptions, of course). I don't know what the six beeps during POST will tell me. Do you have an idea whre to find this info?