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    DX58SO - No HDD Found to BIOS failed to Devastation




      I have DX58SO which suddenly stopped recognizing my HDD.

      So I decided to update BIOS which seemed like good answer.

      So I tried F7, ISO but didn't work. So I went for BIOS Recovery.

      Followed the steps, but when I plugged USB with .BIO file.

      Nothing occured. No screen output either. Also, the USB was

      not blinking either. I turned it off and went to try other USB and

      CD. But nothing is being recognized for the BIOS recovery.

      Now, I cant even get to the old bios. So when I turn on the

      computer it just has black screen. No Keyboard or Mouse.

      No booting. I'm thinking BIOS might have crashed.

      Any idea of fixing this? How to make computer recognize

      CD/USB for BIOS recovery? Anyone with similar problem?


      Thanks in advance.