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    DQ77MK won't power on via AMT after power failure


      I just built my third vPro system, the first one based on an Intel motherboard. I'm experiencing a problem wherein the DQ77MK won't power on via AMT following a power failure.


      If I start the system using the physical power button and then shut it down via the OS or AMT, the system has no trouble powering back on via AMT at a later time. However, if I cut power to the board, it will fail to power on via AMT once power is restored. I have verified that the system is in S5 in both cases.


      From a soft power-off (S5):


      1. ME LED blinks blue
      2. Send power-on command via AMT
      3. ME LED goes solid blue
      4. System powers on (S0)


      From a power failure (S5):


      1. ME LED is solid blue
      2. Send power-on command via AMT
      3. After ~5 seconds, ME LED turns off and AMT stops responding
      4. After ~5 seconds, ME LED goes solid blue and AMT responds again
      5. System remains off (S5)


      I'm running BIOS version 0054 (the latest), I've tinkered with every BIOS and AMT setting imaginable, and I have tested the board out of the chassis with only the processor and a single memory module installed. The processor, memory and PSU all work fine in my two other vPro systems based on non-Intel boards.


      Do I have a bad board, or is there something else I can try?


      Update (12/5/2012): Since I couldn't wait for an exchange, I ordered another DQ77MK and will see if it exhibits the same problem when it arrives. In the meantime, I've worked around the issue by setting After Power Failure to Power On in the BIOS. This is not what I want (I prefer Last State) and it's not a proper fix, but it does keep AMT from dying when power is restored. I'll report back when the second DQ77MK comes in. Until then, any replies will be appreciated.