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    windows crashes after graphic driver installation

    Musab Ahmed


      i just got my computer built like a month ago. It has i-5 3450 processor and dh61ww mother board. I have tried by many ways to install hd graphics. Done bios update and everything i could do. But as soon as i install the hd graphics for hd2500 and i restart the comp. My computer crashes right at log in screen and gives the blue screen or few seconds after i log in. I wana know whats the reason if any 1 can answer. I ran the memphis test for my ram. It works just fine. So either its mother board or processor or what. I am noob in this matter plz help. Thanks

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          Hi Musab Ahmed,


          You'll need to uninstall the driver via safemode if you're unable to login normally without crashing.  Afterwards, can you provide a copy of your dxdiag for review? (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All information).  Just copy and paste that info here and I'll take a look at it.


          What driver version did you install?