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    W3570 and 1333 DIMM




      The W3570 processor has 3 memory channels. As understand the documentation, for optimal performance I should only use one dimm per channel to run it with 1333 Mhz. If I would use two dimms, the frequency would be reduced to 1067 Mhz. In other words, if more than three dimms will be used, it is cheaper to buy the slower 1067 Mhz dimms?



      Thanks for your help

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          I think so, but I'd ask over in the processor community - http://communities.intel.com/community/tech/processors.  They've got more specific knowledge like what you're looking for.

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            - the frequency of your memory depends on the speed of memory controller in your CPU.

            - if you install more memory modules per channel the frequency will stay for the memory channel but it will be shared for all the memory modules in channel so you will loose a little on performance. it depends also on ranking of the memory(single, dual, quad rank). Refer to Technical Product Specification of your motherboard for more info because ranks might change everything.

            - so for performance  definitelly install less(1module per channel) but bigger size modules.

            - for cheap solution, buy what ever you consider is a value for you .