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    Occasional hangups on boot and shutdown

    Jan Friberg

      I have purchased a

      INTEL 330 SERIES 2.5" 180GB SSD SATA/600 MLC 25NM

      SSD which I have installed on my MSI KA780G  MS-7551 Mainboard (latest BIOS) together with another SSD and a mechanical hard drive. I use Win 7 x64 home premium. Sometimes (often but not always) this happens when booting up the system

      The AHCI drive init message followed by a list of all my drives. When the problem occurs my Intel SSD is listed as having a SMART error. Then comes the

      Starting Windows text up but then it takes something like two minutes before the animated windows logo is displayed. Then Win 7 boots normally.

      After that many of my desktop icons turns white and remains so a short while.

      It can also happen that when I quit windows the message shutting down windows is followed by a very long delay like the one mentioned on boot.

      I have firmware 300i on my Intel SSD.