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    No HDMI video at start of boot process


      I have a DZ77SL-50K with a Core i5 3570K that has Intel HD Graphics 4000. The problem I have is that there is no video in the beginning of the boot process. I had to borrow a graphics card from an other machine to be able to access the BIOS settings and install the OS. Now the video turns on after the OS has been loaded. But I can't access BIOS settings or OS selection.

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          Make sure the fast boot optimizations under the BOOT section of the setup are disabled.  Fast boot bypasses real mode memory initialization by BIOS for the selected subsystems, but you need them to get into BIOS setup. The "Back to BIOS" button, if your motherboard is so equipped, may help here.

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            Ziad Aghar

            I don't think you have a back to BIOS button on the back.

            1. Power down the system
            2. Press & hold down the power button for like 5~7 seconds
            3. Release & a message will appear that if you want to disable fast boot.
            4. Select Y for Yes


            Other considerations:

            A message might appear stating your your sys didn't boot properly "something similar" both ways lead you to go into the boot menu

            Keep us updated

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              I tried to hold down power button at start and the following happened


              - The fans started

              - The machine beeped four times

              - The fans stopped.

              - The power led did not light up at any time.


              The machine still boots fine with a single press, although no video in the beginning. I also tried with my projector that takes HDMI directly (my monitor takes DVI) but it was the same result. It is the latest BIOS version 0091.

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                Ziad Aghar

                Check this out:



                If that doesn't work try the same setting but with your power cord unplugged from your PC & power down the PSU switch then plug in the power & turn on the PSU switch.

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                  Removed the power cord and waited until the green led on the motherboard turned off, then tried to start the machine by holding down the power button, same result, four beeps and then the fans stopped.


                  Had an extra graphics card tonight so I could get to BIOS settings and see how fast boot was configured. I had three options general, usb and video optimization and they were all disabled. So I tried if it would be any better with them enabled. Turned out to be worse. No I don't get video even with the extra graphics card before OS selection and even if I keep hitting F2 during startup I don't get into BIOS settings.


                  Starting to think I got a faulty motherboard.

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                    Ziad Aghar

                    Dear Markus,

                    My whole instructions were to disable the fast boot. Not to go into the BIOS & enable it


                    Anyway, don't worry everything will be fixed.


                    First I need you to do that power press thingy again & check to see if you can disable the fast boot.


                    If that didn't work,

                    Unplug the power cord again & press the power button for like 3 secs while the cord is unplugged to discharge the case from any static then open the case "make sure that you are well grounded". Take off the battery & discharge the board by shorting it. If you don't know how to short the board or you are uncomfortable with that method then you can wait a couple of hours.

                    To discharge the board all you have to do is get a metal object such as a paper clip & place it where you took of the battery "to have the + & - connected by the clip" so all the electricity will be gone. Plus, to double check you can also press the power button while the battery is out to clear everything.


                    After that, I need you to switch to something other then the HDMI "e.g. DVI if possible"

                    Use a cable keyboard not a wireless one


                    It's imperative that you follow everything I told you to the letter. If anything is unclear pls ask before you proceed

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                      Thanks Ziad


                      I did a CMOS reset and that got rid of Fast Boot, so now I can access the BIOS settings when I have an external graphics card again.


                      Going to return this MB, doesn't seem 100%.



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                        Hi Markus - I am experiencing the exact same problem you describe. I have returned two DH67MC boards and now, on the third one, I got to boot with HDMI and loaded WIN7 with SP1 but during one of the later updates the system rebooted and I lost video in the BIOS. Video came back as WIN7 was starting up. In each instance, with all three boards, I was able to setup, load the O/S, update drivers, etc. using DVI without a problem. I have an i5 - 4670, Noctua cooler, G.Skil F3 - 12800 GL9D 8GBXL memory, Seasonic S - series 650 watt P/S and Lian li case fans. Do we have any common components?


                        Were you able to resolve this  problem? Did you notice anything else unusual when you lost the video? After reading your comments I am inclined to believe it is a visual bios problem. I would really appreciate and comments or advice you may offer. Regards. Peter

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                          Hi pwertz,


                          I am having problems to find the board model DH67MC. Can you please verify this model for me? Can you also try clearing the CMOS as the feedback provided before? 

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                            Kevin - It should read DH87MC and please review the following thread that details my problem. https://communities.intel.com/thread/49036 . To update that thread, see my 19 March post above. A Google has found a number of very similar issues but no resolutions. Markus had the same problem with a DZ77 board with a visual bios and I wanted to find out if he was running WIN 7.  Can someone at Intel indicate if this is a BIOS issue or an O/S issue. After swapping components, running the system outside the case, and  clearing the CMOS a number of times, I believe I have eliminated most other causes. Thanks Kevin. Regards. Peter

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                              Thanks for the information. Have you tried setting Legacy Mode and UEFI mode on?

                              Can you also post you dxdiag report with the latest driver installed in your system?

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                                Hi Kevin - Re setting Legacy and UEFI modes on - I have not tried that. How do you do that and since my hard drive is not formatted for Legacy what result would you expect to see. Thanks. Peter

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                                  Kevin - Please disregard the DxDiag report I sent in my previous post - it is for the computer I am using now - not the one with the problem. Sorry. Will send correct report shortly. Regards. Peter

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                                    Kevin - In the BIOS I checked both Legacy and UEFI and with DVI the results were the same - video throughout. With HDMI, there was no video at all. I could hear the Intel Inside tones and the WIN7 startup tones. You recall previously, with just Legacy checked, I got video at the windows startup. Attached is the correct DxDiag Report. Regards. Peter

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