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    Does the Intel DX79SR board support Xeon E5 family processors, like DX79TO or DX79SI ?


      I want to buy a DX79SR board but i'm confused .

      In the Technical Product Specification here ( http://downloadmirror.intel.com/21156/eng/dx79sr_TechProdSpec02.pdf   ) is stipulated :"

      The board is designed to support Intel Core i7 and Intel Xeon processors in an

      LGA 2011 socket." but on the page of compatibble processors here ( http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?BoardName=DX79SR  ) there is no xeon E5 family.

      Is somwhere an error or this board dosen't follow the compatibilities of previous series : DX79TO or DX79SI ?

      Is there anyone could help me ?