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    DZ77GA-70k - Does not post, code 12.


      My configuration is basic, 1 HyperX 3k in sata0, 1 stick of CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10R in DIMM slot 1, integrated graphics using HDMI out, and the DVD drive in sata1 to install the OS to update the bios.


      I installed win 7, fully updated, ran the 64 bit windows installer, system hung on restart.  I have a sevenstream 850w PSU running on a battery, so no issues with power.  System failed to process the bios update, while I had a HIS 4890 in the first PCIe slot.  I now can't get the board to post beyond 12, regardless of BIOS jumper position.  I have removed the CMOS battery, and attempted to clear the CMOS.. but I'm not sure if that has done anything.


      I have a bootable USB with the bios file on it (version 060) that i attempted to use the recovery bios option, this failed also with a post code 12 still on display.  My current BIOS is 039, dated april 26th, 2012.

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          Try the USB device in different ports.  My -70K seems to change which ports it reads during POST with every BIOS update. Sometimes its a USB2, sometimes it's a back panel USB3, sometimes it's a front panel USB3.   I have only a USB keyboard and mouse, so just to get into setup I have to play wack-a-mole on the ports after an update until I find the ones that work.

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            Ended up trying the additional 3.0 slots. on the non integrated controller, and those seemed to work in bios 039.  Also I removed the bios battery for about 3.5 hours while watching football, this seemed to clear whatever was stuck with the graphics in the BIOS, and allowed me to flash the BIOS.