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    chipsets with AMT


      how do I know which are the Intel chipsets with AMT???? there is a filter tool for technologies only for processors on Intel website.

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          Joseph Oster

          A list of vPro enabled chipsets can be found using the chart at:

          Order an Intel® vPro™ Technology "Activation-Ready" PC or WS



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            thank you for reply!


            as I see there are only systems and motherboards listed, not CHIPSETS. please, verify this information!

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              Tradionally Business Oriented chipsets are carrying the Intel AMT certification. For Full Intel AMT look only to Q Series Chipsets. Going back to 2006-era till today they come as follows:

              Q965 (2006-2007)

              Q45 (2008-2009)

              Q57(2010-1st to support Remote KVM)

              Q67 (2011)

              Q77(2012- Current)

              In Addition there are other Business Chipsets that support Features related to Intel AMT. These Chipset come with a B moniker (B75, B65)

              But in my opinion only Q Series Chipsets are worth selecting.

              In Intel ARK site (ark.intel.com) you can find related infos regarding Business Chipset (or Executive Series as Intel calls them).

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                THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


                very useful information!

                please, would you provide me a link on Intel website for this information? it would be also great help.


                Thank you again!

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                  The only infos you can find regarding Intel Desktop boards that support Intel AMT are only for the following 2 generation of chipsets:

                  Q67 and Q77 at the following link.....


                  Intel® Desktop Boards

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                    The Intel vPro Technology Reference Guide has a table that includes all the Intel AMT generations with the corresponding chipsets.  (Note that the C206 and C216 chipsets support Intel Xeon Chipsets for servers and workstations--along with 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core vPro Processors.)

                    Download Center (see page 32 of the document for the following table).



                    Keep in mind that you need more than the right chipset and processor to have an Intel vPro Technology capable system.  The best way is to ask the OEM if they system is Intel vPro brand certified.  The platform ingredients are listed in Appendix A for the 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core vPro Processor families. 

                    brand ingredients.jpg