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    P4308XXMFGR power supply connectors

    Eric Simard

      Good day.

      First thank you to everyone who help making this forum a reality.


      This is my first time here, and hopefully someone can assist me.


      I have a S2600CO Server board.

      I am looking at the following chassis: P4308XXMFGR.

      I need to know what connectors comes with the power supply.

      If I found the right technical specs document on the intel website, and understood it properly, this power supply comes with only 2 24 pin power connector.


      If that is correct, what do I need to get to have the following configuration:

      4 sata and 1 pata connector or 2 sata and 3 pata (I have a converter cable for 2 sata to pata)

      I absolutely need 2 6 pin PCIe connector for a video card (Amd Firepro W8000).


      I need to have those connector plus all the basic connectors for the S2600CO server board.


      Thank you all for your help.