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    Intel's lack of support for industry standard 23.976 Hz output


      According to Anandtech, Intel said it would fix 23.976 Hz output in Sandy Bridge. That never happened.

      According to Anandtech again, Intel said it would fix 23.976 Hz output in Ivy Bridge. That also never happened.


      What is 23.976 Hz? Basically, blu-rays will play at the frequency of 23. 976 Hz. Your graphics card needs to output at 1080p at 23.976 Hz to get proper smooth playback. Without proper support from Intel for 23.976 Hz, you will get a frame drop (roughly every 4 minutes with Ivy Bridge).


      AMD/nVidia seem to do better than Intel with support for 23.976 Hz. The problem is, if you wish to build a low power, quiet HTPC for playback of movies and you choose a Intel CPU with Intel HD Graphics, you will get frame drops.


      When is Intel going to address this issue? I want a Intel HTPC. I don't want to have an external graphics card.


      At the moment, if you are lucky - you can set your refresh rate to 23 Hz and it will output near 23.9 but that will still create a frame drop every 4 minutes.


      For the uninitiated, 23.976 Hz is for displaying movies, not for your desktop. On your desktop, use 50 Hz or 60 Hz.