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    GPT Drives

    Richard Yerian

      I tried to clone my SSD using Intel's software, but it says that it does not work with GPT drives.  Why not, GPT drives are the latest technology.  I am using Windows 8 and there is no mention of Windows 8 on their tech support website.  I am surprised that a company like Intel is not up with the latest technology.  How do I clone my SSD from a GPT drive?

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          You might be able to do the cloning by using a third party data migration softwrae that supports GPT drives.

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            I just had this same issue trying to clone the HD in my new ASUS Q200e. This was my first encounter with a EFI Bios and GPT partitioning. I ended up using a freeware program called HDcloning which has full support for GPT partioning.



            Note: I kept the GPT partition sizes the same instead of resizing on the new SSD drive.


            I tried about 5 different cloning programs but none had the GPT support. I was getting very fustrated

            until researching the EFI/GPT issue.


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              If your hdd is either a Seagate or Western Digital, you can download the latest version of their migration softwrae which supports gpt and uefi. If not there are generic ones available with the required support.

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                I can recommend using the Farstone software "Total Backup Recovery 9 Workstation" which can be downloaded from Download.com. The Tool is easy to use and did the job for me without any problems.