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    i7 stress test failed - what should I do?


      Hi All,


      Just bought FarCry 3 game and my PC crashes after few minutes of gaming. I checked all my drivers, memory bar... I upgraded my power supply unit (from 460 to 760), my CPU cooler and even the graphic card for a GForce GTX 650. Well the problem is still here. I then decided to try stress testing the PC, with Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool (IPDT) and AIDA64: both test are failing:


      - The CPU stress test is not failing in AIDA64, but as soon as I launch the floating point test (FPT)... B-Boum!! PC restarts after going black (similar to sudden PSU failure).

      - The IPDT test fails after few minutes of CPU load test.

      - I have not tried the FPT test with IPDT, but I guess the result will be alike.


      What should I do to make my i7 pass the test?


      Ah another info: when I launch the Windows Experience Index rating, it also fails at about 75% (sudden black screen + restart).
      I look forward to your advise... you are my ultimate chance!




      My PC config is as described in this page, except that I changed the graphic card (Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650), the PSU (Seasonic X series 760w) and the CPU cooler (Cooler Master Blizzard T2).

      HP Pavilion Elite HPE-498d Desktop PC Product Specifications

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          Failing in WEI is something I have never heard of, that is not very stressful.


          Are you using anything to check the CPU's temperature?


          What does the Intel PDT tell you? When you say these tests fail, does that mean that the PC restarts on every test?

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            I check temperatures with HWMonitor.

            At the begining, my temperature were rising over 70C.

            I then changed my CPU fan as indicated above, and now it is always below 50C.


            Intel PDT passed all test with success except:

            - the floating point that I skipped for the time being (to be sure all other paramters are stable)

            - when it does the CPU load test (the last one), it showed me the red failed windows result after 4 min or so.

            The system was then extremely slow, it even froze and I had top force a restart.


            The PC only restart with WEI and AIDA test. For some reason the Intel PDT freeze (I have not tried the floating point test yet with it).


            Another thin that I notice with CPU-Z, is that mu CPU clock mutiplier varies between 24 and 27. A sort of automatic overclocking. The problem is that HP locks everything so that tuning/overclocking is not possible. Still, my multiplier changes.

            I tried open a new user profile, run the AIDA test and WEI... k-boum, same sudden stop with restart.


            What shall I do?



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              This morning I run further tests: I bought a licence of AIDA64, and run different tests:

              1. All CPU protocol passed with success: Queen, PhotoWorxx, ZLib, AES and Hash

              2.  With regards to FPU tests:

              - protocol Julia: passed

              - protocol Mandel: passed

              - protocol SinJulia: passed

              - protocol VP8: badly failed


              Can you help understanding what's in VP8 FPU test protocol that would make the i7 fail?

              And most importantly, what should I do to correct this?

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                Apparently nobody knows these tests...

                Just for follow-up, in case someone has a semilar issue, here is what I got from Intel Support:


                -- quote --


                It's best that you perform a swap test of the basic components including the processor. This is to isolate the each and every component from the failing part. From there you can identify the root cause of the problem.


                Concerning the "Windows Experience Index score", it is not only focused on the processor alone but other hardware component receives an individual subscore. It's best to consult Microsoft on this matter.


                -- unquote --


                I wonder how Intel think we would do this? Buy another i7, another mother card.... another PC??

                Well... I am back to square one then.

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                  Hi All,


                  Just to keep you all updated and also in case this could help someone, I will explain below how I have managed to solve this issue.


                  After contacting HP support specialist and going through all the 'fixes'I had done before, he could narrow the possibilities. It actually come from the hyper-threading. My PC is with an Intel i7, and hyper-threading was activated. Since I dis-activated it from the boot settings, the PC works fine, I managed to go through all FPU test and run all my games including Far Cry 3.


                  Hope this help others.



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                    is this chat still alive? im glad you solved your problem.


                    But im also amazed..you had exactly the same problem im having. Only differnece is i got AMD fx-6200 and thus i dont have hyperthreading to turn off. What is amd equilevent to it so it could help me also? any ideas?


                    Fpu tests fail..WEI fail at 75% etc...exactly the same issue..