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    How do you find out if my cpu is new or refurbished?


      Please see these links as you read if necessary.





      Hello, i bought an intel cpu i5-3570k from Microcenter but as soon as i opened the box, i saw a part of square stain on the left hand corner of its top-side. So i was wondering if this is refurbished or used. The box was closed with a little sticker that says "Intel Factory Seal" but was not shrink-wrapped ofcourse. I think it's easy remove the sticker without scratching anything. So, it does not convince me it's new. So, I'm trying to see if the box and the cpu are matched or not. My first question is do the markings match if they are new?

      So i checked the marking of the cpu's top-side and the box.


      Here is the example picture provided by Intel and my cpu is LGA1155.





      Intel (R) CoreTM i5-3570k

      SR0PM 3.40GHz


      3223B461 (e4)



      on the very bottom(not the top-side, see the example picture):



      According to the link, Serial Number = Line 5 + Line 6

      So, my i5-3570k's serial number is 3223B4612559


      Now the significant markings on my box is


      Product Code: BX80637i53570k

      S-spec: SR0PM

      S/N: 35212309B2559

      Batch#: 3223B461


      here is the example picture of i5-3570k's box



      Now, my second question is do the serial number of cpu and the box need to be matched? As you can see, cpu's serial number is 3223B4612559 and box's serial number is 35212309B2559 which DO NOT MATCH. But 2559 which is Assembly Test Process Order (ATPO) (*see picture*) written on my cpu matches the last four digits of the serial number on the box. Also, the Batch number 3223B461 of the box matches the first 8 digits of cpu's serial number.

      In other words,

      as you can see, weirdly, my cpu's line-5(for example ---- http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-030330.htm) matches the batch number of the box instead of the first 8 digits of the serial number of the box. But according to the intel's link above, the cpu's line-5 should match the first 8 digits of the serial number of the box not the batch number. I'm little confused here.


      I'm concerned. Is there other ways to varify if it's new or refurbished? Thank you so much for you help.

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          Your processor FPO is 3223B461 and is written both onto your IHS and your box, your processor ATPO is 2559 and is written onto your processor package, that matches the last four digits of your serial number written on the box, it's everything fine, your processor is the one which came with that box but that noone could have made a ride with it noone could tell you, you could only hope it's not undergone in the hands of some LN2 "tester" BTW.


          Best regards.