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    Audio plays but won't record on i7 DH77EB 0097 bios

    Dan Greimel

      On a DH77EB with 0097 Bios, all audio inputs -- line, mic, stereo mix, rear, front, and USB converter all play perfectly with "listen" monitoring  and are reported in Win 8 to be present and working normally. Yet every recording resource reports no record inputs available! And this is important to a church operation. Have done all the obvious -- removing and reinstalling drivers including Realtek's own, checking services, etc. The last attempt was to try to temporarily disable then reenable onboard audio and that caused a suprising boot hang at the Intel logo that could only be restored from Bios recovery with default Bios. To compound the problems with this board and bios, sleep locks up the system with s4 and s5 normal boot specified, requiring a power button recovery so we've had to disable sleep for remote access. Rapid boot simply does not function at all as described. I am suspicious that somehow we inherited the identical audio record problems from a previous Intel/Realtek board since we were forced to use Laplink to transfer software and files and apparently some registry entries from Win7 rather than do a completely clean install but we still can't understand why installing a new OS and new audio drivers cannot restore recording in spite of that. It would be extremely helpful to get at least some ideas to pursue so we'd appreciate any suggestions, especially from anyone familiar with the roles Realtek, Microsoft and Intel play in making audio work on these boards.