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    DQ77CP defective DIMM socket?

    Codrut Popescu

      I am setting up a test environment and I need to run multiple virtual machiness in Virtual Box and as such I needed a small machine with plenty of memory.

      I have bought:

      -  motherboard: Intel DQ77CP

      - CPU: Intel i5 3470

      - memory: Corsair Vengeance LP 32GB DDR3 1600MHz CL10 Quad Channel Kit

      - disk: Intel 520 SSD of 240 GB


      After struggling all day I have found that when using a memory module in the DIMM socket closest to the CPU (marked as DIMM3) and only in this socket the PC is crashing (under both Windows 7 Home Premium and Enterprise Linux 6). It does not happen when memory is installed in the other 3 DIMM sockets.

      Also it does happen only in conjuction with video drivers, it does not happen when booting in Windows Safe Mode, but only when and after installing video drivers. As soon as Windows is reaching to the graphical interface the image becomes scrambled and the system reboots automatically.


      Is this a known problem?