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    Will DX58SO properly support KHX21C11T3K4/32X ?


      Hello @ all,


      I've got a DX58SO (bios 5599 release) and I want to Buy 24GB of Kingston RAM ( KHX21C11T3K4/32X - I know that has 1 too much stick).


      I have at present time, 3x8GB Corsair Vengeance sticks with i7-960 D0 stepping but I can't let my PC go to Suspend-To-RAM State, because I have the Boot Roulette Syndrom. (the symptoms described within this thread: DX58SO boot roulette )


      My question is: As it is not documented anywhere in Intel Support site, Can Someone certify me that this kit (KHX21C11T3K4/32X) will not cause me The Boot Roulette Syndrom with this motherboard?


      Thank you a lot,